How to get the troops onboard with social collaboration tools

CollaborationIn our last blog we talked about SharePoint 2013’s new social collaboration capabilities. If correctly installed and rolled out, these tools can result in significant productivity improvements and financial savings, as well as becoming the perfect breeding ground for ideas and innovation. Therefore today we would like to start drilling down into a few best practices for User Adoption.

1.       Develop taxonomy for information

Many organisations learn the hard way when giving employees freedom to information if they don’t take the time to create standards around how information is presented and shared.

You can combat this by developing taxonomy or set of guidelines around content e.g. establishing naming conventions or subgroups. Setting the right parameters can make a big difference to how effective and useful collaboration is.

2.       Invest in education and training

We encourage every organisation we work with to adopt some kind of training or education program specifically for social collaboration. Generally, we do this through a combination of group training with some one-on-one sessions – tailored to each user group as necessary.

In addition, training on company collaboration tools should be part of the on-boarding process for every new employee. If employees understand the benefits of the tool from the outset they will quickly learn how to apply it to their work.

3.       Emphasise senior leadership support

Demonstrating that senior-leaders are visibly involved creates a powerful sphere of influence. Make it a priority to get your top people trained up early on, so their use of the technology can become a public endorsement.

For example, when rolling out their social collaboration tools, one of the biggest global IT companies encouraged senior leaders to be among the first to complete their profiles, start blogging and post status updates. Trust and transparency was created and, within one year, they went from 5,000 active employees to over 15,000.

These are just a few of the tactics we employ to ensure our clients achieve the highest rates of User Adoption when launching social collaboration tools. But as this is such a far-reaching topic, we’ll be sure to touch on it again in future. In the meantime, feel free to get in touch if you would like to learn more about SharePoint 2013 or our approach.

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