Driving collaboration and mobility with Office365

CloudsMany businesses come to a crossroads when, having outgrown their existing IT infrastructure, they have to make the call to invest in a new operating system. Some businesses bite the bullet and approach us to help them take this step, while others continue to shed money looking for quick fixes and patch up solutions.

Microsoft’s cloud offering – Office365 – is a powerful, business-focused suite of technologies that can revolutionise the way your business operates and start sending savings to your bottom line immediately.

Think about all the lost hours of productivity, the limitations of poorly governed shared drives, not to mention the bottomless pit of licensing and support provider fees. With a professionally installed Office365 environment, these issues all become a thing of the past. By integrating Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and Lync, Office 365 creates a dynamic digital workplace, which is the perfect backdrop for collaboration and ideation. This cloud solution is also fully mobile – access is available to your workforce anywhere, on any device.

Take our client Be Learning for example. As an award-winning business, renowned for innovation and big ideas, they were being severely hindered by their on-premise infrastructure, which simply couldn’t keep up with their growing needs. As they had expanded quickly, over a short period of time, a number of ad hoc IT solutions were patched over existing issues or limiting technologies (like file shares and shared drives). Email and server crashes, and constant unpredictability was costing the business thousands.

Be Learning’s greatest need was for unified communications and advanced collaboration tools – and the Microsoft Office365 suite offered precisely that – and a whole lot more. By investing in having these technologies expertly installed, Be Learning can now lay claim to a sophisticated operating environment where knowledge flows in multiple directions and interaction is seamless. Collaboration time between employees has been reduced dramatically, giving individuals more time to focus on product development and innovation. In addition, Be Learning’s sales force can retain a link to business operations while on the road through the cloud.

Be Learning can now be confident that they are fully protected and supported in their continued expansion into the global market. Read the full Be Learning case study here.

Is your business ready to take the leap into the Cloud? Get in touch with a member of the global nSynergy team today and we will tailor a solution for you.

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